Founded in 1884, by Enrique de Yzaguirre, this is the oldest brand of Spanish Vermouth still in production today. The recipes of Enrique de Yzaguirre are now in the hands of the Salla-Solé Family, who maintain the exact same traditional methods and exclusive formulas that are the secret to their flavours and aromas. The Bodega sources its ingredients from its own winery in El Morell, in the DO Costers del Segre, and they follow a meticulous production process to make a range of Yzaguirre vermouths from the most select grape varieties and their secret blends of herbs and spices.


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The most famous Spanish vermouth traditionally comes from Reus, in Catalonia, the heart of Spanish vermouth for well over a century. Overall, Spanish vermouths are vastly different from their Italian cousins. Spanish reds are lighter and less bitter and taste sweeter (even though they typically contain 25 to 30 percent less sugar than the Italian rossos) and show predominate flavors of orange and Mediterranean herbs. Today, Vermouth has enjoyed a resurgence and is considered a way of life in Spain.

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